Cleopatra’s Tea Party – the Pliia at a female gathering filled with pleasure

My Pliia journey constantly offers me new experiences, challenges me, and has me dealing with things that once seemed hard or scary. This time, I had to overcome something I’ve been struggling with for a long while – the fear of exposure, putting myself in the spotlight, and talking about what I do. Overcoming this hurdle came with a lot of pleasure – the pleasure of finding my tribe. I have created for myself a brand new world of female support circles and this world accepts the Pliia and its message with love. 

People I meet, usually assume that as someone who develops female sexuality products, I am very used to talking uninhibitedly about sexuality and female ejaculation. But the truth is, until recently, I was very uncomfortable discussing these subjects and I never imagined myself lecturing about them publicly. The event described here was actually the first time I spoke to a group of women I haven’t met before about the Pliia.
What got me to this point and gave me confidence?
It began with meeting Michal Liebedinski, a wise and hysterically funny woman, who is not afraid to talk about anything and has been speaking publicly for years about relationships and femininity. Our meeting on the beach in Sinai sparked the idea of a female circle where I’ll feel comfortable speaking and introducing women to the Pliia. When Michal and I discussed beauty, glow and our age it was natural to involve Ore’l Mor Yosseph, whose bewitching messages I’ve been following for several years. Ore`l talks about beauty from the inside out and uses a term I fell in love with – Pro-aging. She is also a studier of ancient plants and it brought to our gathering the magical Blue Lotus that gave our gathering its name – Cleopatra’s Tea Party.

Michal, Ore`l and I

We set the date. I definitely had butterflies in my stomach and worried that no one would come. The night before was a sleepless one. But to our joy, the magic of the evening was felt from the first moment with the transformation of Michal’s living room into an Egyptian temple. The pots of Blue Lotus flower tea bubbled on the stove and spread sweet odours, while the entrance to her home was decorated with mini-Pliia altars with flowers and goddess symbols. The floor was laid out with Pliia mats and created a welcoming ambiance that invited women into a spirit of sharing and harmony. When the women gathered, the curiosity in the air was palpable – we all felt we were going to experience something extraordinary.

We began with a conversation with Michal about personal development and the changes we undergo in our lives. About the possibility to shape who we want to be and telling ourselves new stories. Michal’s observation that her (and perhaps everyone’s) calling is to flow with change resonated in the room and seemed to touch everyone. Each participant shared an incident in her life when she dealt with fear. The stories varied from seemingly small triumphs like looking at your bank statement or traveling to a new place, to life-changing decisions like immigration or divorce. Each had her own outlook and approach to dealing with fear in life. It seemed that the barriers between us – women who haven’t met before, were disappearing. Every story that was shared had so much insight that I wished I could talk to each woman into the night and get to know her better.

At that point, Ore`l introduced us to the Blue Lotus – the fascinating plant that was one of the secrets of the ancient Egyptians. We tried it in different ways: drank the tea made from the flower, smoked it to inhale the vapours and applied its oil to our skin. Under its influence we discussed the connection the Lotus creates between the feminine and masculine elements that exist within us, and the possibility to find a middle ground between action and avoidance – a balance we all strive for. The fragrant oils Ore`l makes with the Lotus extracts are a true pleasure that each of us got to experience by pampering ourselves in a way so different from the modern beauty industry. The anointment in oils gave each of us the chance to experience a moment of pleasure that was intensified by sharing it together.

In the unique closeness that was created between us, it was easy and natural to talk about pleasure and the Pliia. I felt comfortable telling about the process I went through in connecting to my body and my sexual energy. I described the re-connection I experienced to the water within me and how I understood that ejaculation is truly available to everyone. Above all, it was important to me to convey the message of choosing pleasure – a choice that had an amazing influence on my life and became my conscious filter for life. Today I look at life through pleasure-colored glasses and let pleasure lead my decisions and choices.

When we sat in that circle and each of us shared her fears and experience overcoming them, the question in the air was “How can this be done?”- How can we act despite our fears? For me, the answer is first and foremost acting with intention toward the goal I’ve set for myself. Despite my fear of exposure and taking the center stage, as the idea of the Pliia became more pressing in my mind, it became clear that I must talk about it with other women, write about it on social media and even lecture to audiences. After years of not being sure what’s the right way to do it, this evening proved again that exact intention can create the conditions for actualization. I couldn’t have imagined a more accepting stage to introduce the Pliia and feel privileged to have shared my message on this occasion.

A huge thank you to all my old friends who came to share it with me and to the new friends I made that evening. I’m sure it sparked countless beginnings, that we will see grow and develop. I hope each of the women I was privileged to meet will let pleasure into her life and will be filled with inspiration.

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