Pliia Creator’s Note

Welcome to the Pliia page.
I am Keren, a 50 year old woman, who has been married for 23 years. 
I have been sexually active for over 30 years, but it is only in the last 10 years that I have developed a coherent understanding of what sexuality is to me and how to benefit the most from it.
For over 20 years, my sex life was steered by powerful conscious and unconscious misguided influences. Limiting thoughts, twisted values and beliefs created by mass culture and media, shame and insecurities inhibited my ability to be fully in the present moment during love making. Once I became aware of this, I wondered, what would happen if I brought myself fully and openly to the sexual experience?

Today, after an in depth journey to understand what blissful, empowering, transformative sex is, I feel I have healed deep wounds in my soul. Sexual energy is our connection back to the life force, inducing creativity, mental clarity, manifesting change, creating greater self-awareness and other powerful life gifts. It is with this in mind that I created Pliia. Pliia is my very own earthly-love-product. It reflects my own individual process of connecting to my sexual energy.

Pliia started out as a female ejaculation pad. Through the continuous process of self-development in theory and in practice, the focus changed and Pliia became a pleasure and love mat, meant to inspire all humans to connect to their sexual energy.

Pliia is an invitation to find your own path, to encourage you to confront the issues that hold you back from experiencing blissful sex and self-growth. I hope Pliia will inspire you to connect to your sexual energy, allowing you to bring to the world your spark, your light, by simply celebrating who you are, body and soul.


Wishing you Love and Pleasure,





Special Thanks

The idea of creating the Pliia love mat has occupied my mind for almost a decade. Finally, during 2017, I began the process that would in time make the dream come true. Three years later, and as the world is in the midst of radical change, Pliia is finally taking its first baby steps. This would never have been possible had I not had the extensive support from friends and family. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those people who, in a variety of ways, were involved in the Pliia project. Each one of them, whether by contributing ideas, knowledge, connections, experience or merely a smile of enthusiastic support, has played a part in making Pliia a reality.

Thanks are due to:  Abdul, Abdin, Anat Frenkel, Ben Naveh, Camp Pussinima, Chen Ziv, Dany Ben Moshe, Doron Libshtein, Dotan Harit, Efrat Wolfson, Elad Malka, Eldad Shushan, Emanuela Dell Arricia Katchka, Fabian Rynkowski, Itzik Harel Ohana, Leonor Gavriely, Limor Bandel, Liora Taragan, Maya Ohana, Maya Shoshan, Merav Amon, Moran Naveh, Nir Adan, Naama Hanegbi, Nissim Amon, Roxi Stolk, Ronit Marcovich, Sigal Ziv, Smadar Miller, Tanya Yarkoni, The Lioness Club and Tomer Lerman.

Special thanks to my textile advisor Gideon Guthrie, who has become a personal friend and project supporter.

Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude, appreciation and love, to my close, dream team of feminine power:  Milly Nave, Michal Levitzky, and Moni Sahar.

My family has also been a source of ongoing support. Heartfelt thanks and affection go to: Oren, Ilan, Michal, Ronny, Maya, Micha, Mary Joan and Joe. And, thank you Mom, your help has been a true blessing.  It has been a pleasure sharing this project with you.

Last, but definitely not least, I am deeply grateful to my lover/husband Avi and our three beautiful boys, for supporting me and Pliia.


“So much gratitude for this bed-saving, relationship boosting creation!”

Rose S

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