Pliia Reflection

Pliia Reflection


Color energy

Pliia Reflection can play an essential part in a woman’s self-care. Created to get familiar with those hard-to-see erotic places, the mirror offers ease of exploration and can play an active role in our deep healing and sexual connection. The better we know our bodies, the better we can love them.

The circle is the universal symbol of oneness and as such represents totality, perfection, timelessness, the self and the cyclical and perpetual movement of nature. The circle is also a symbol of never-beginning, never-ending story of creation, love and life.

The Hexagon is the sacred geometric form created at the center of two identical opposing interlocking triangles. The opposing triangles symbolize the males and female energy forces, one pointing up, the other down. The balanced merging of these dual aspects of the universe results in a harmonious and cohesive creation.

Care instructions:

Treat Your Pliia with TLC ❤️
Best if washed separately on short cycle
Machine wash cold on gentle cycle
Tumble dry normal low heat
Do not dry-clean
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Do not use softeners containing silicon

Upper fabric: "Cotton-feel" 100% Polyester
Base fabric : 80% Polyester 20%PU


"When I first heard about Pliia I was excited!
It sounded like the perfect solution for women that experience female ejaculation"
May P
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