Pliia's Sensual Massage for Couples - video course

Hosted by Efrat Wolfson

In this short but powerful course, you will learn how to offer each other an unforgettable experience of sensual and arousing massage that will enhance your pleasure, connection and intimacy.  Course suitable for couples of all genders. 


One of the best purchases I made this year!

This video course has really changed our intimate routine in such a way that I’m not able to look back anymore… Thank you Efrat for bringing this most welcomed and enjoyable gift to our lives! ❤

We highly recommend this video course to anyone who wishes to enrich his or her love lives and strengthened their intimacies.


Chapters included in the course

Lesson 1

Secrets of Feminine S€xuality

You will learn the basics of the female pleasure anatomy, and some golden principles to unlock a woman’s full sensuality and pleasure capacity.

Lesson 2

Secrets to male s€xuality

You will learn the basics of the male pleasure anatomy and ways to enhance the sensual experience for a man.


Lesson 3

Preparation for the massage

Everything you need to prepare both for a Lingam (male genitals) or Yoni (female genitals) massage. 

Lesson 4

Yoni Massage

An explanation and demonstration of massage for a woman or person with female genitalia.

Lesson 5

Lingam massage

An explanation and demonstration of massage for a man or person with male genitalia.