Blessings & Reviews

Teachers Blessings:

Perhaps other women are acquainted with the experience…
During the course of lovemaking, in that special moment of pleasure, you feel the high wave of climax rising…and instead of flowing with it, you begin to make calculations…did we use a mattress protector? Should I run and get a towel (not that it really helps), or should I just go for it and what happens, happens.
Pliia allows you to $quirt happily, to move freely into your pleasure without worry. That’s a significant difference. And it’s important. It’s important that we feel comfortable and at ease with the wonder of our bodies. It’s important that we can give ourselves over freely and fully to the power of the healing tremor of  pleasure. It is the source of our gentle power.
I was fortunate to take part in certain aspects of the long and tenacious journey toward the birth of Pliia. I can promise you that this product was born from love and from a deep appreciation of the woman that you are, your body and your heart.
For me Pliia is a winning combination of the sincere desire to answer a real need, and a way of creating a statement in the world. Pleasure!

Smadar Miller,
Founder of the Relationship School
Prana Love & Mindful Sxuality coach

I have witnessed the process and evolution of the creation of this beautiful product and I’m so excited to see it finally come into the world. As a s€xuality and relationship coach who had worked with thousands of women, I know how much shame many women carry around their bodies and s€xual expression. The Pllia Mat can help create a beautiful sacred container for a woman/couple to explore the delights of our full expression in all its glory and messiness!
Thank you Keren for creating it! ❤

Efrat Wolfson,
S€xuality & Relationship Coach

Pliia for me, is kind of temple where the Amrita can be glorified. Amrita is a magical
phenomenon that a woman can create and give. It is the essence of the healing and sacred energy, which is transmitted through the woman’s body and takes the form of a nectar that is more precious than gold. It is a gift of devotion to the man and to herself. It is this full and total giving that enables a woman to join with the cosmos, herself and her lover.
Pliia is a pampering gift, befitting the feminine essence through which a woman expresses beauty, tenderness and ritual. With the aid of Pliia couples can connect to their lovemaking and to one another without fear or worry about the bedding or their surrounding.
I was very glad to have played a supportive role in the creation of Pliia, and I know that it was created by Keren out of love and with careful professionalism. I hope that many women will enjoy it and that it will allow them to let go more.

Na’ama HaNegbi,
Traditional Tantra Teacher 

Investigating the hidden treasure of the sensual union, is tapping directly into the meeting place of the basic sparks of life itself.
The deeper one goes into it, the closer you get into the source and fountain of the magical cradle of our existence here. Connecting into it with Pliia can be a grounding meditation, and a chance to make it sacred. Pliia serves as a temple of love, healing and light.

Nissim Amon,
Zen Master, Author of “Eastern Wisdom – The Treasure Box”

We don’t have to be careful any more. My partner no longer needs to hold back the flow of her love fluids. We don’t have to change and wash the sheets after each time. No more mattress covers that crackle and don’t breathe.
Pliia saved us. It is unbelievable the amount of fluids it absorbs and still stays dry on the other side. In addition Pliia is pleasant to the touch and dries quickly. We no longer need to be afraid of what might happen to our mattress. We don’t need to change the bedding and most importantly we don’t need to hold back.
Pliia is an essential product for anyone who wants to give themselves completely to the act of love, and to be free and spontaneous.

Nissim Levi,
Mindful S€xuality Coach



“An amazing product and much needed in these times of progress. As a man I found it created the perfect platform for my spouse to feel free during our love sessions so she can be comfortable to allow her body to reach a climax with no restraint. The security we had of knowing that we won’t have to worry about messing up the bed and covers allowed us to focus on what is important, our pleasure and connection. After the love session we just remove the Pliia and hang it to dry and after for a soft wash in the washing machine for future use. Since we have it we travel with it all over as it easily folds and can be carried anywhere in the baggage. I hope this product will be in every couple’s bedroom to pioneer a more satisfying world”

Guy, male, 38, Portugal


“Each time I lay down this sacred mat, beautiful things happen! It transforms the bedroom into an invitation of re-connection, with myself and with a partner. My Pliia was one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given! It turns massage into royal luxury, foreplay into epic sensuality, and lovemaking into tantric art! Sessions stretch out longer, and are easily moved into the realm of the extra-special! So much gratitude for this bed-saving, relationship boosting creation! ❤”

R.S, female, 52, Canada


“Don’t understand how lovemaking was performed before Pliia!”

D.L, male, 50, Israel


“When I first heard about Pliia I was excited! It sounded like the perfect solution for women that experience female ejaculation.
When I got it, it changed my life in so many ways…
I can be more spontaneous, less shy, free my inhibitions and let myself enjoy intimacy without thinking about anything.
The Pliia is very comfortable and very beautiful. For me, it turns the bed to a love temple.
I think that Pliia is something every woman should have.”

M.P, female, 40, Israel


“Pliia – The product that returned my feminine freedom. There is life before Pliia and life after this magic mat entered my life.
Before, I was very tense while self-pleasuring myself or love making, about the mess… I wasn’t liberated enough to freely enjoy, escape my mind and tune into my sensual energy, I stayed grounded.
After testing Pliia with a variety of love oils and body juices – I was amazed that my whole experience changed!
I got my feminine freedom back and started to expand and explore myself with and without my partner.
Pliia supported my curiosity and self-growth. When I place Pliia it feels like I’m in a new sacred zone where everything is possible and can happen.
Go-Go Pliia and spice up the world with bliss and joy!”

M.N, female, 40, Israel


“The wonderful experience of using Pliia (which means wonder in Hebrew) –
I can truthfully say it changed my life.
The freedom to be natural in a safe haven, to share my love juices with my partner, which can only be the beginning to more wonders. It is easy to use, wash and dry and very pleasant to the eye. I suggest you really give it a try!
(Sorry didn’t mean to rhyme)”

M.L, female, 35, Israel


I am fussy on design and quality and Pliia definitely meets my standards. I particularly like the way that there are no water stains on the fabric even after a massive 0rgasm. Makes me feel confident to keep on having more!
I have the mystical purple hexagon and always feels I am adding a beautiful layer of ritual to my lovemaking when I cover my sheet.
Tanya, 50, UK
I am in the process of marrying the love of my life and purchasing the Pliia strengthens my commitment to my man. 
Pliia gives me the sense of having our sacred space, a space for only him and me. Pliia is both an educational as well as a functional intimacy tool. I highly recommend women purchase this tool to enhance their deep loyalty and devotion.
Thank you for creating this tool for devotion between couples.
S.T, 45, Israel