Pliia Mirror Talk with Efrat Wolfson

Pliia Mirror Talk

Efrat Wolfson is a sexuality and Intimacy coach, a very dear friend, and an awesomely inspiring woman. Her expertise includes teaching the Jade Egg practice and helping women ignite their inner fire and expand their pleasure, passion and authentic self-expression. She uses advanced, everyday, and simple tools to help women deeply connect with their sexual and feminine energy.

Efrat was one of the first intimacy educators I worked with. Her teachings became a part of my personal language and shaped the way I think about sexuality. She was also one of the first women to test out the Pliia prototype, and her insights were a great help to me.

Efrat also developed an exclusive Sensual Massage course that we offer here on the Pliia website. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to achieve deeper intimacy. Efrat’s lighthearted and upbeat style of instruction is a great place to start if you’re new to expanding your sexual practice. Even those of you who often participate in courses or workshops in this field are sure to learn something from her.

Efrat was also the first person to bring to my attention the importance of looking at our bodies. She taught me how transforming it can be to explore the Yoni. I did not imagine how meaningful this practice can be. She was the inspiration to develop the Pliia Reflection, a specialized mirror I designed for the sole purpose of looking at your vulva. 

I recently sat down with Efrat and asked her to explain the importance of working with a mirror and to clarify why a woman should gaze at the source of her powers.

Efrat explained that she avoids the term “work” in this context. It’s better to refer to it as exploration, research and play. When we think of “working” on our sexuality, it sounds daunting, and we should remember to have fun!

She went on to say that the main reason women should look at their Yoni is that they often don’t even know what it looks like. Once you are familiar with your Yoni, you can expand on two levels:
First, in intensifying pleasure which you can gain as part of that connection with your body. Second and not least important, it is substantial in the emotional sense of releasing shame. So many of us are taught that our privates are dirty. We don’t even have a name for them and often call them by nicknames. When we regain that connection, magic happens. We discover that we can have a relationship with our Yoni and regain our inner strength.

The idea of making a habit of looking at your vulva with a mirror, a specialized mirror no less, may seem strange at first. However, I’ve found from my own experience that it’s incredibly helpful to create that environment of exploration. The fact that the mirror is unique for this time and purpose reminds you on all levels that you care about yourself and your body.

Its design makes it flexible, adjustable, and convenient to use. And I really hope it will become part of your feminine journey. You can even take the mirror into your sexual routine, and you’ll be surprised to see what happens…

You can see my full conversation with Efrat (in Hebrew) here:

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