Pliia’s Journey: Embracing Sexual Energy and Empowering Women Through a Unique Love Mat

Welcome to the Pliia Blog!

I’m Keren, the proud founder and owner of Pliia, and I want to share with you the story behind the creation of our revolutionary products. Our mission is to empower women and celebrate the divine feminine, and I’m excited to delve into the passion and purpose that led to the birth of Pliia.

The Moment Pliia Was Born

The idea for Pliia was born in a life-changing moment that transformed my path and led me to become an entrepreneur with a truly innovative product. This decision challenged me to embrace my vision, listening to the inner voice that urged me to create this product. Telling me that, indeed, it has a place and it is worthy. There were many doubts and challenges along the way, but my journey lead me to bring into the world this object that embodies my intention of healing the realm of sexuality, especially female sexuality.

This turning point came when I decided it would be the last time I’d buy disposable bed sheets – a temporary solution I was using at that time for female ejaculation and a truly annoying one. The entire shopping experience was awkward: from entering the pharmacy and passing by senior citizen products to paying for the item under stares (imagined or not) from others in the line. Walking around the mall with this huge blue diaper-like package was far from enjoyable, and I prayed not to bump into someone I knew in the parking lot. On the day this photo was taken, I decided I must find a solution that will be uplifting and even enjoyable.

Creating the Pliia

After extensive research, I realized there was no product specifically designed for absorbing female ejaculation. It was up to me to create it and bring it to myself and all the women around the world who desperately need it. I partnered with a textile expert, and together we experimented with various materials and solutions until we reached the ultimate result – the Pliia Love Mat.

Pliia started as a way to keep my sheets dry during sexual activity. However, through continuous self-development in theory and practice, the focus shifted. Pliia evolved into a pleasure and love mat meant to inspire all humans to connect to their sexual energy. Pliia reflects my own individual process of connecting to my sexual energy, and it is an invitation for others to find their own path, and confront the issues that hold them back from experiencing blissful sex and self-growth.

Our Mission and the Road Ahead

We are dedicated to empowering women and celebrating the divine feminine. We’ve created a range of products that cater to the unique needs of women, including the Pliia Love Mat and the Pliia Reflection, which aim to promote female liberation and empowerment. Our goal is to help every woman live her best sexual life, and we are excited to continue growing our community and positively impacting women’s lives.

I hope Pliia will inspire you to connect to your sexual energy, allowing you to bring to the world your spark, your light, by simply celebrating who you are, body and soul. Wishing you love and pleasure on this journey.

With gratitude and love, Keren, Pliia Founder

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